The Importance of Medically Supervised Detox

Slowing The Train Before You Get Off: The Importance of Medically Supervised Detox 

Many addicts and alcoholics, so fed up with the momentum and entrapment of their disease, want to run full speed into sobriety even if it means quitting cold turkey. Willing to do anything to find true relief, when the drugs and alcohol have lost their effectiveness, many addicts and alcoholics underestimate the negative effects of attempting to rid themselves without a properly supported detox period. 

Just as you would not jump off a train while it’s moving full speed ahead, it would not be beneficial for you in the long run, or short term for that matter, to quit certain extensive amounts of substance use cold turkey, without medical support. 

There are facilities that can provide the help necessary to wean you off of substances in ways that your body can fully recover from. With medically assisted detox, you can avoid serious health consequences, allow the brain to recalibrate gradually to a more organic, clean and sober environment, and have a better chance of maintaining sobriety in the long run.

What to expect during Detox 

Entering detox can be a daunting step, bringing fears and anticipation of severe discomfort. Fortunately, detox facilities are well equipped to provide all necessary support and assistance in this time of rerouting one’s being to a healthier form of existence. 

Detox facilities provide the same treatment as would be required of anyone receiving medical treatment for a disease or disorder: 

-A caring, competent medical and therapeutic staff 

-A clean, safe, supportive environment 

-Vast experience and expertise in the way of symptom relief 

-Around-the-clock monitoring, to ensure as smooth a possible transition for the body and mind, into freedom from substances. 

-The length of stay adjusted to meet each individual’s needs and evolving recovery, from a few days to a couple of weeks. 

Detox and Beyond 

Sometimes there is a desire to get through detox and get back to life as quickly as possible. It’s important to recognize that it took a lifetime to become addicted. Addiction occurs as a result of many complex factors, from biological makeup to, to unresolved trauma and unconscious programming. 

With Detox out of the way, foundational work for lasting healing can begin. Additional support is required. Further exploration and awareness is required. Many changes, taken one day at a time are required. It is often recommended to enter into a treatment program following detox, to help ensure lasting success, and be immersed in the kind of support that can greatly increase one’s chances of long term sobriety, and freedom from substances. 

Oasis Recovery is available and ready to help in this process of healing and shifting into a new way of life. We can direct you or your loved one to an appropriate detox facility and be ready to support you post-detox. 

If you are struggling to get clean and sober and need support for detox and treatment, click here. If your loved one needs support for detox and addiction treatment, click here

This particular journey may begin with a single click. If so, we are ready to support you in your step into new horizons of freedom and fulfillment. It’s simple, not easy but simple, to accept any help being offered and follow the quiet voice within that offers another way.

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