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January 24, 2021
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February 2, 2021

“Absolutely love Oasis!! I am an Alumni of Oasis and it has shown me a new way of life and living for myself and my little one. I am so happy I found this place. Amazing group and individual therapy. Renee is amazing and always helped me and was there for me when I needed it most. I 100% recommend her for therapy whether its group or individual. I feel blessed to have come to this place and would recommend it to anyone.”

— Alumni 

“It is a tedious process to find a place of recovery that fits your loved one.  I am fortunate to work in a field where there is a multitude of resources regarding addiction and mental health.  At the end of the day , you are trusting strangers and usually a location that is unfamiliar too.

When I found Oasis Recovery it just appeared good and right.  Now that I have experienced the professionalism, care, excellent communication and absolute wonderful program with very good outcomes , I feel extremely blessed.   This is a safe and wonderful place.  For anyone who worries about dual diagnoses ( as I did) this place has met my hopes for excellent mental health Consideration.

Oasis Recovery is a place that I will recommend to family, friends, and patients with no reservations!”

— Loved one of Alumni 

“Oasis saved my life!  I started out committing myself to 30 days but ended up staying 45 days and did not want to leave.  I am 51 days sober today and owe it all to the staff and clients at Oasis.  The other clients supported each other and truly wanted to get clean/sober.  I cannot recommend this facility enough.  The hikes, mountain climbing, mountain views, waterfalls, rafting trip, lake trip, and more that we went on was absolutely incredible.  If you’re looking to get clean/sober and change your life for the better, Oasis is the place!”

— Alumni

“This place opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. The staff here is amazing and actually care about you and getting you sober in life. They show you not only how to get sober and stay sober but also how to have fun in life and make positive connections with people while being sober. I couldn’t have done this without them and I will forever be thankful for Oasis. I recommend this place to anyone who is serious about getting sober and wants a fresh start on life.”

— Alumni 

“Having worked in the addictions field and needing treatment myself Oasis is in a class of its own! Truly a place of rest, relaxation and compassion. Holistic healing at its best! I recommend this facility to both local and out if towners in need of addictions treatment! I was also fortunate enough to continue my out patient treatment to the women’s IOP program as well! I can’t say enough about Renee’s amazing group and the women in it.” 

— Alumni 

“From a clients perspective Oasis is absolutely the #1 choice for recovery from addiction. From adventure outing that is offered here to that various groups is such a help and blessing that I’m so grateful for that I can use in my recovery! The staff is so caring that words don’t even describe how grateful I am to know them and there experience is absolutely  instrumental in recovery.”

— Alumni 

“Having to understand and experience the difficulty, pain, sadness, and caos of addiction that has infiltrated my family on so many levels over the past 30 years it was a blessing to find Oasis. My family members have been to the top rehab centers across this country and Oasis shines over top. If your loved one needs a place without the stigma of “rehab” and is looking for true recovery please call Oasis. Jon and his team will show you compassion and acceptance like true family. Please just call them.”

— Family member of Alumni 

“Oasis Recovery is & will be my number 1 choice for myself & anyone else seeking recovery!! I am an Alumni of the program & I couldn’t have chosen a better place to go! The staff is SO amazing 😍 they really truly care about your well being & help you to grow back into the world. They’ve helped me so much I can’t even express in words the gratitude I have for them ❤️ I’m so thankful to have the support I have from them & I hope they know how appreciated they are. Oasis saved my life! Thank you for caring for me & even reaching further to assist my family in any questions or concerns they’ve had since I’ve been here! I wanna give a shout-out to John & Lindsey, Vern & Renee, Cea & Trevor & the rest of the wonderful staff that has helped me through this journey! You’re all amazing & this program is phenomenal! Thank you so much ❤️” 

— Alumni