Rehab Redefined

Nature, Adventure, Art Therapy- Oh My! Rehab Redefined 

While it’s true that traditional drug and alcohol rehabs have often included many alternative, holistic elements, there is an abundance of research surfacing to back these diverse methods of treatment today. Practices such as adventure therapy, art, and experiential therapies, meditation, and mindfulness, are becoming less of a luxurious addition in rehabs, and more of a necessary priority for building a successful drug and alcohol rehab program. 

So what has changed? 

It is less that understanding and knowledge of the solutions for addiction and alcoholism have changed, and more that our understanding of human beings, processing, and the science of healing in general, have evolved. This understanding includes more evidence around key components that set the stage for effective healing, and provide for an overall more successful rehab program. 

Key Concepts and Ideas that we now know more about that improve drug and alcohol rehab programs: 

  • The larger role energy plays in all human processes, including physical, mental, and spiritual healing 
  • The complexity of individual make up, and the unique needs for healing each individual 
  • The effectiveness of treating the whole person, as a body, mind, and spiritual being 
  • The influence of our connection, both as people in community, and people connected to an eco-system 


We’ve actually been studying the body’s energy centers for thousands of years. Energy and energetic healing techniques are ancient concepts and practices: Reiki, a Japanese energy- healing tradition, has been around for centuries; The chakra system of energetic forces surrounding centers in the body, dates back to Hindu texts from BCE; meridians, the energy pathways that acupuncture uses for effective healing, originated from ancient Chinese cultures. 

Tapping into healing at an energetic level is nothing new, though sometimes overlooked from a western medicinal perspective (not to downplay the immense knowledge and effective healing a lot of western medicinal studies and research have contributed to the world-wide health and healing pool.) 

How do these healing modalities play into effective drug and alcohol treatment? Well just like gravity helps you stay seated here reading this (even without conscious study of the law of gravity, or a complete understanding of it as a gift from our solar system) the powerful role of energy helps many treatment centers and rehabs offer more opportunities for healing and successful recovery to addicted individuals. Energy healing plays a big role in the following practices gaining popularity in treatment centers and rehabs across the nation (including Oasis Recovery): 

  • Outings in Nature- Uses the healing power of nature to facilitate healing and more ease in functioning for people’s brains, bodies, and spiritual abilities to connect with the self and others 
  • Acupuncture- clears toxins and trauma from the body and affects more clarity in mind and body; facilitating new sensations, coping methods, and neural pathways for healing addiction and alcoholism 
  • Reiki- Uses practiced sensitivities to energy centers in the body and energy sensations-the practitioner consciously affects shifts in the individual who is suffering from symptoms of addiction and illness, to clear, cleanse, and begin to restore body and mental systems. 

Individualized Treatment and Treating the Whole Person 

While it is true that as humans, we are more alike than we may realize, we are also more complex than we realize. We are like galaxies within galaxies of interconnected systems, working together in ways that even the most scientifically adept among us, have only tapped the surface of, in terms of understanding. 

That’s not to say we don’t have many medicines and methods of therapy that are proven effective, it’s just to explain the phenomenon of nothing being absolute across the board. Healing is a collaboration between many forces and participants, including medical/therapeutic practitioners and clients. And so there is some experimentation involved, and most of all there is working with what resonates most with each individual and this can look a bit different for different people. 

One thing is for sure, It is now becoming apparent that the most effective drug and alcohol treatment programs, seek to understand what works best for each individual in their care. The more we follow what is working in each individual, regardless of how it compares to another, the greater the momentum of healing can build into a healthy, whole, recovered individual. 

Human Connection, and Connection to The Planet 

The power of the community, and the power of nature are not to be overlooked. Both of these, having much to do with the environment, energy, and the interplay of higher frequency beings/ energetic atmosphere, can influence the healing of an individual in a powerful way. 

It can be understood in terms of osmosis: what is consistently immersed in a higher frequency vibration (which a primarily positive community and nature do embody) will begin to attune to that frequency, through many different avenues of internal shifts- thought process, relaxation, assimilating and mirroring up close energies, as well as physical release of toxins and stuck energy. 

So how do you tap into these powerful resources for healing? You can start by understanding that healing is a natural phenomenon, that there is hope, and that there are many resources including Oasis Recovery, that are here to help guide you or your loved one in letting go of what is keeping you from this natural process. 

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