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9 Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 114 people die each day from a drug overdose in the U.S.

Even though substance use disorders are clearly a major issue in the U.S., a survey by SAMHSA found that as many as 90% of individuals who need rehab the most don’t receive it.

If you’re struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, long term rehab might be the tool you need for recovery.

Let’s take a look at 9 benefits of long term drug rehab.

1. Longer Time Away from Negative Influences

Substance use disorders are often connected with people and environments that trigger negative habits. When you enter long term inpatient drug rehab, you are away from these people and environments for longer.

Creating space from these old, negative influences allows you to form new relationships. The people you meet in rehab will be other sober people who are working to live a new life without substance dependence.

2. Offers Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment

In long term rehab, you are in a drug and alcohol-free environment. This offers you an environment that is safe and sober. In this type of environment, you’ll be able to grow and heal without the temptation of substances.

3. Time to Focus on Yourself

Healing is an incredibly individual process. Being in a long term addiction treatment center allows you the time and space to focus on yourself.

In normal life, it’s easy for outside stressors and situations to get in the way of your healing. When you start sobriety, it’s important to have the freedom to only worry about your own health and growth.

4. Offers a Structured Living Environment

When you fall into a substance use disorder, life is often filled with recklessness and chaos. Days may have no structure or routine.

Long term rehab centers offer a structured living environment in which to rebuild your life. These programs are often heavily structured. You’ll have a regular wake-up time, schedule activities and therapies, routine meals, and a regular bedtime.

Researchers have found that the amount of time it takes for an individual to build a habit can vary widely. A study by the University College London found that individual times for building new habits can vary from 18 days to 254 days. On average, however, it takes 66 days for a new habit to stick.

This is one of the major benefits of a long term drug rehab facility. The longer a patient has a structured environment filled with positive habits, the more likely they will be to maintain positive habits outside of rehab.

For some individuals, it might be more appropriate for them to have more freedom and flexibility in their treatment. In this instance, intensive outpatient care might be the best option.

5. Constant Support

When you suffer from addiction, it can feel like you have no one to turn to. In long term rehab, though, you’ll have constant support from both staff and peers.

Being in a supportive environment means you’ll be much less likely to isolate yourself. This is also a great opportunity to learn how to develop sober relationships.

6. Health and Nutritional Assistance

Substance use disorder can often lead to malnutrition and poor health. In the throes of addiction, food is often no more than an afterthought.

Some of the symptoms of withdrawal and detox can be alleviated with proper nutrition. In long term inpatient drug rehab, you’ll be given nutritional assistance to help your recovery.

7. Supervision

Supervision is necessary for early recovery, particularly in the first 90 days. Without supervision, it can be all too easy to start using again.

When you stop using certain drugs, you may also experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be unpleasant, painful, and potentially dangerous. Being in long term rehab offers you around-the-clock medical supervision so that you can make it through withdrawal safely.

Going through withdrawal can be a trigger for recovering people to relapse. Having support and supervision during this time is essential.

8. Sober Peer Support

One of the great benefits of a long term addiction treatment center is meeting sober peers. Throughout treatment, you’ll get to know each other well and help support each other.

After you’ve left treatment, having sober peers who are on a similar path can be vital. If all of your friends back home have the same negative habits that you are trying to leave behind, it can be hard to ever recover. It’s critical to find sober peers to spend time with.

9. Time to Develop and Practice Life Skills

One of the many things you’ll have the opportunity to do in long term rehab is developing life skills. These skills will help you create a positive life of growth once you leave rehab.

You’ll learn a wide variety of life skills like accountability, creating a schedule, working, and cooking. You’ll learn the benefits and rewards of being in control of your life and your schedule.

Long Term Drug Rehab Can Help You Begin a New Life

Recovering from a substance use disorder is no easy feat. In order to be successful, you deserve as much support and care as possible. The longer you engage in a rehab program, the better your chances of remaining sober after you leave.

At Oasis Recovery Center, we offer holistic treatment to help you achieve long-term recovery. Utilizing healing techniques and evidence-based practices, we treat each patient physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Is it time for you to look into your long term drug rehab options? If so, you can learn more about our addiction programs here.

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