Knowledge is Power: Advancements in Addiction Treatment

Recently some of the oasis staff had the opportunity to connect with other
professionals in the field of addiction treatment at the Pavillon Advancements in
Addiction Treatment Conference in Asheville, NC.
One of the most important aspects of treating any disease or disorder is taking
into account that the only constant in life is change, this is true at the physical,
quantum physical, emotional, and mental arenas of life. This requires the
constant gathering of new information, new connections, and new

We are an evolving species, with evolving challenges, evolving motivations, and
evolving health challenges, diseases, and psychological maladies.
Addiction as a diagnosable disorder evolves as well. As our environment
changes in negative and positive ways, so do the impactful elements that feed
into addictive patterns, and into recovery from them.

At the recent Pavillon Advancements in Addiction treatment conference, a few of
the many aspects of addiction and treatment were explored for the sake of
bettering the effectiveness of addiction treatment and therapeutic approaches.
Some of the factors that were discussed, and that we feel important to keep in
mind, both as people seeking recovery, and professionals seeking to aid in
other’s recovery are:

  • What goes into the most effective psychological testing that gathers
    information from addicts and alcoholics to better aid them in their recovery
  • How to provide LQBTQ+ Affirmative treatment (read more on creating an
    LGBTQ+ inclusive treatment environment here)
  • Understanding controversial medications and the role they play when addiction
    is accompanied by other diseases or disorders
  • The impact of technology on addiction

As anyone who has struggled with addiction knows, waking up to the many
unconscious habits/influences that have contributed to addiction is a process,
and takes time, and often professional guidance.

Identifying what factors into a person’s addiction and any co-occurring disorders,
is as important as understanding what treatment elements work the best for each
Two things arise in this process of looking at addiction treatment in general:

  1. As human beings we share a common base of health and well-being that
    when tampered with in diverse ways, from nature, nurture, biology, and
    trauma, can often be addressed in methods that are universally effective in
    contributing to the healing and wholeness of an individual.
  2. With so much diversity present in our world, it becomes more and more
    pressing to be able to offer individualized approaches and look in depth at
    each individual’s experience to better identify the most effective ways to treat

And with all the knowledge we, as professionals, acquire for the sake of treating
addiction, there is perhaps no greater contributing factor in an individual’s pursuit
of recovery than their own fearless self-searching and personal insight- a

personal tuning that brings about the moment to moment rise in receptivity to
healing, and enables any and all professional approaches, medicines, and
outside guidance to take hold and contribute to healing and freedom.
If you are suffering from addiction and would like to work with highly skilled and
knowledgeable professionals to come up with an effective treatment plan in a
supportive treatment environment click here. If your loved one is in need of an
effective individualized treatment program click here.
To hear more from Oasis staff, live at the Pavillon Advancements in Addiction
Treatment Conference Click the Video Below

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