Is TACFIT The World’s Smartest Workout?

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March 31, 2021
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When asked this question, any savvy TACFIT coach will point to an article in Men’s Health Magazine wherein TACFIT was touted as being just that–– the smartest workout in the world! Admittedly, a pretty astounding claim, but a claim that is backed up by tons of research and real-world application. 


So what is TACFIT?


Tacfit is an exercise system designed to build functional strength, make use of biochemical and hormonal processes to optimize health and wellness, and improve quality of movement through the practice and application of program-specific techniques.


Sounds fancy, right? It doesn’t have to be.


The rabbit hole goes pretty deep, but you do not have to be a full-blown kinesiologist to reap the benefits of this system–– just the way we don’t need to be neurologists to reap the benefits of meditation and a good night’s rest. Exercise is a good thing. A very, very good thing. It sets off a cascade of health benefits that have been extolled from the soapboxing mouths of all your most annoying Crossfit friends. But it’s true (much to the chagrin of us lucky enough to have stumbled upon TACFIT)! 


Good Stress V. Bad Stress


Tacfit was designed by a very intelligent exercise scientist (some would say wizard) named Scott Sonnon. Scott began developing Tacfit for military personnel and other first responder types–– police, firefighters, and the like. Scott noticed that people in these high risk jobs were becoming physically maladapted due to the stresses of their work. They were vexed by aches, pains, and stiffness. Many of them were suffering untimely deaths from stress related illnesses. Tacfit thus became focused on teaching its practitioners to mitigate the stress


Scott himself once pointed out that “Fitness” is a term that translates to “the ability to adapt to stress.” So what are we fit for? Is Life throwing us curve balls and causing us to stress needlessly? That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is yes for all of us. We need to exercise. We need to express our primal nature and move the way our bodies evolved to move in order to be truly healthy. We need some form of physical “stress” in order to express our bodies. Tacfit provides a solid structure for which to enter into a relationship with a healthy, purposely chosen stress. Every workout consists of the following three phases:


  1. Joint-specific mobility warm up 
  2. A 20 minute workout of varying intensity
  3. A yoga based cool-down


Freedom To Move


The movements in Tacfit are carefully designed and programmed to create maximum functional strength while retaining mobility. That means more flexibility. More elasticity. More freedom. We use primal movements and primal tools like the clubbell–– a weighted club that looks like an engorged baseball bat–– all in an effort to reconnect with our primal physiology and get away from the trappings of office chairs and car seats.


Tacfit And Recovery


They go together like sunshine and fresh air, coffee and cream, the letters Q and U. Those of us who are in recovery have often done some damage to our bodies, our minds, and our sense of self. When we get back into our bodies and feel them moving the way we were born to move again, we start to really jumpstart the recovery process. We start to feel our humanity return to us. We begin to feel strong. It may sound a little intimidating at first, but the exercises are scalable. You can pick your own adventure. Oasis is proud to offer TACFIT as an option to its clients who want to practice starting in May of 2021!