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9 Incredible Benefits of Getting Sober

Addiction isn’t a part-time job; it encompasses all aspects of your consciousness and takes over your life.

Time passes differently, sleep is evading, and hygiene is not of main concern. Your cash flow just seems to dwindle, and there have been times where you’ve torn apart your house (and maybe even others’) to see if you have just a few dollars to supplement your habit. Relationships are stretched to their limit, even with people who have spent their life dedicated to you.

When you’re battling an addiction of any kind, the idea of sobriety can seem frightening. What will life be like? How is it possible to endure this existence without a fix?

I know it seems scary, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Once you’ve detoxed, you can be capable of living a full, successful, and healthy life.

Getting sober is possible. Read on to discover the 9 top benefits of sobriety.

1. Better Sleep

With alcohol or drug abuse, you may be passed out cold from a substance-induced slumber, but you’re not getting quality sleep. These things, especially alcohol, suppress sleep and can alter appropriate sleep patterns. Sleep is needed to restore and recoup; it’s a requirement for your body to function properly.

When you first become sober you may have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Rest assured that this will eventually change and you’ll get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

2. Renewed Appearance

When you rid your body of toxic chemicals, your physical appearance is impacted.

Those patches or rashes may disappear, the bad acne should improve, and the bags under your eyes will lessen.

Getting sober can also help you better maintain your weight. Whether you were under-or over-weight, sobriety can help your metabolism work properly and allow your weight to stabilize.

3. Higher Energy Levels

Using drugs or alcohol can really affect your sleep and energy levels. Depending on your substance of choice, you may be sleeping too much or not enough. By achieving a regulated sleep cycle, you can fight the chronic fatigue your body has been battling with during addiction.

During detox and immediately after, you may feel lethargic as your body begins to balance out and rid yourself of toxins. This state will not be permanent. Once your sleep cycle is restructured you’ll find yourself having more energy in the day, and an easier time tackling daily tasks.

4. Having Money

If you’ve lived with an addiction, you’re familiar with the steep price you pay. Addiction is expensive, no matter the substance abused.

When you become sober you’ll be shocked by the amount of money that you have when you don’t spend all of it on drugs or alcohol.

You’ll be surprised how good it feels to not live paycheck to paycheck.

5. More Time

As you understand, addiction takes over every aspect of your life. It’s not something that pops up when convenient or when there’s extra time.

Hobbies, work, and relationships can fade quickly when drugs or alcohol are heavily incorporated into someone’s life.

In your new sober life, you’ll have time again. While it may feel overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly find that you’re able to enjoy activities that you used to do before your addiction. Make a to-do list of all the things you want to do or missed out on when preoccupied with substance abuse.

6. Rediscover Self and Life Purpose

Now that you have all of this time back that isn’t consumed by addiction, you’ll have time to explore life. Search for things that make you happy and that fulfills you.

Your goals and objectives have very likely changed since drinking or drugging. This is the opportunity to assess what is important to you now, and what you can do with your future.

This may seem a bit frightening when you first think about it; “So, I have to rediscover myself?” Not necessarily. You’re not a new person and you don’t have to start from scratch.

As an individual in recovery, who has fought hard through the grips of addiction, you have a unique perspective. You can follow your dreams, now that you’re free.

7. Mend Relationships

As someone who is familiar with addiction, you know how it affects more than just yourself. Substance abuse can fuel arguments, risky behavior, and poor decision making, all things that aren’t helpful in maintaining healthy relationships.

Once you’re on the other side of sobriety you’ll recognize how important some relationships are. You may not be able to fix every right that you wronged, but there is nothing wrong with trying. No matter how much destruction has been done in a relationship, it may be amendable.

Another beautiful part of sobriety is gaining a new community of people, your fellow recoverers. Together, you can venture through the steep waters of life after addiction.

8. Feel Healthier

Every drug and alcohol has mechanisms that literally put toxins in your body. In sobriety, your body is no longer fed the harmful poison. This means it doesn’t have to constantly fight to function properly.

Getting a good night’s rest changes so much, so from that alone, you should feel healthier. You’ll also be able to improve your diet and maybe even have the energy to exercise! All of these things will have such a wonderful impact on your health.

You’ll notice that your mental health improves as well as your physical health. Brain fog may dissipate while anxiety, stress, and depression decrease. Hormones and chemicals have a big impact on mechanisms that help regulate mental health, so by ridding yourself of the substance, your body can resume normal function. You may even find that your memory comes back.

9. Learn New Ways to Have Fun

A lot of us turn to substance abuse because there is a hole in our lives. Whatever is missing, the alcohol or drugs helped fulfill it, while also making mundane situations seem much more interesting.

Most people struggling with addiction to so because the substance brings them relief, and sometimes even fun. It can be challenging to untrain the brain that substance abuse and fun aren’t necessarily correlated.

In sobriety, you’ll learn new coping mechanisms and ways to have a good time. Whether you take up knitting or playing the newest video game with your friends, these activities will begin to take up the space that addiction filled before.

Getting Sober For You

It’s true. Getting sober is an imperative part of staying healthy and getting your life back on track. While family, co-workers, and friends may be itching for you to stop with the substance abuse, the courage really stems from within you.

There are all these benefits to sobriety that are just waiting to be discovered. Redefine what life looks like, and take the leap. To get started or find support for your journey of recovery, contact us at Oasis Recovery today.

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