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Drug Rehab in Asheville, NC: How to Find the Right Treatment

Are you considering going to rehab? If so, we want to congratulate you. We know beginning the journey to recovery is a tough but necessary choice, and we’re happy you’ve chosen to begin the process.

You’re probably also wondering where to start. What type of treatment is for you? When looking for the types of drug rehab Asheville NC offers, what should you consider?

Below, we’ll go into the details of how to find the best treatment for you in Asheville, North Carolina. Keep reading to learn more and get started on your road to recovery!

How Do You Choose a Drug Rehab Asheville NC Trusts?

Choosing your rehab center is one of the most important aspects of your road to sobriety.

These institutions guide individuals through their treatment and provide the crucial support needed to make transitioning into a substance-free life a success.

But not every rehab facility provides the best services for every patient. Because every patient is different, their road to recovery looks different as well.

So, when selecting one of the centers for drug rehab Asheville NC offers, ask yourself which type of program best suits your needs and lifestyle.

There are two primary types of rehab treatment: inpatient and outpatient. Let’s get into the primary differences between these two types of treatment below.

Inpatient Treatment

This is what many people picture when they think of rehab.

In these centers, the patients live for a number of days, their access to drugs or other substances cut off. They undergo intensive treatment, often meeting with therapists and other people in the facility who are trained to help them.

This model gives its patients a robust support system. Everyone in the building has either dedicated their careers to helping people overcome addictions or is in recovery themselves. 

If you choose this model, you’ll make connections that will alter the course of your journey. You might even make friends who, after you leave rehab, can help keep you accountable for not relapsing. 

This immersive experience works best for people who have the liberty to retreat for a period of time and focus on themselves. Even if they have other responsibilities, such as work or kids, people try to shift things around so they seek can inpatient treatment. 

Outpatient Treatment

Don’t have the liberty to go into a fully immersive treatment experience?

That’s understandable. Life is often so busy that you may feel you can’t afford to take time out and get the help you need. 

Yet, you do need help. That’s why centers offer outpatient treatment.

With outpatient treatment, you won’t live at the facility. Instead, you will live at your home in Asheville (or wherever you reside) and go to the center during the day for treatment and recovery-focused activities. 

This makes it possible for you to get treatment while still making you available for your kids or whatever else needs your attention. 

Aspects to Consider With Outpatient Treatment

Yet, if you choose to do outpatient treatment with any of the drug rehab facilities in North Carolina, make sure you have an excellent support system at home. 

Drug rehab can be a very difficult and emotional process, even if it’s necessary and worthwhile. You want the people around you to be in your corner and support you every step of the way.

If you’re living with unsupportive people, such as a roommate, partner, or friend who’s still using, you should consider inpatient treatment or relocation. The more temptations you have around you, the more likely you are to relapse.

Decide What Are Your Rehab Goals 

Have you pinpointed your rehab objectives? If not, do so before you go looking for treatment centers. 

All treatment centers go about helping people in different ways. You need to make sure your treatment meets your goals.

To do this, do as much soul search as you can. Do you want to get to the bottom of your addiction and understand what drives it? Do you want to learn about some techniques for staying sober, even when it’s hard?

No matter what you think of, jot it down. Look for a rehab center that specifically addresses it. If you can’t find one that states what you’re looking for online, give the centers a call. Ask them whether or not their program meets your needs.

Look at a Center’s Specialties

Did you know that different facilities have different specialties?

Addiction comes in many forms, and the treatment methods vary widely. As such, centers usually concentrate on certain forms of addiction. Before you enroll in a program, make sure the center focuses on treating your particular addiction type.

In addition, facilities sometimes have greater success in treating certain addictions than they do others. To determine a center’s ability to treat your addiction, run its name through a search engine, and look at some reviews. 

If people with your addiction don’t have a high recovery rate using that center, look for another one.

Consider How Long You Want to be in Treatment

The length of treatments vary. Often, centers will offer 30, 60, and 90-day options. Choose the one that works best for your schedule and most comprehensively covers your needs.

See If the Facility Takes Your Insurance

Rehab can be pricey, especially if you’re doing an inpatient program.

Fortunately, rehab centers don’t want an expensive bill to get in the way of your treatment. To help you afford the costs, they often take various types of insurance.

To find out if a rehab center in North Carolina accepts your insurance, call them and ask. 

Don’t have insurance but still need help affording treatment? Many facilities will work with you to develop a payment plan. You can then reimburse the center in smaller, more affordable installments. Some may also offer sliding scale costs.

Ready to Get Help?

Now that you know how to select a drug rehab Asheville NC offers, you’re ready to start on your journey.

Selecting the right facility and treatment method is important. Everything from a rehab center’s treatment plan to whether you’ll be in inpatient or outpatient care directly affects your recovery.

If you’re recovering from addiction in Asheville, we’d love to help. We provide both inpatient and outpatient care and specialize in treating substance abuse. Contact us today to get started or learn more.

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