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Drug Addiction Treatment Options: How to Get Through Your Addiction

Did you know that around 19 million adults struggled with substance abuse in 2017?

Overcoming substance abuse is not an easy feat. People often lapse because they don’t get the treatment and help that they need. When this happens, their dependence on the substance is always worse than it was the first time around.

To prevent his, getting the right drug addiction treatment is paramount. What’s great is that there are many treatment options for you to choose from. Getting the right treatment increases the chances of success in overcoming your dependence.

Which option is the best one for you, then? Check out the list below to learn the different treatment options available for you.


This treatment focuses on removing the substances that influence the individual. The goal is to remove any trace of it from their body. Unlike other treatment options, detoxification helps individuals overcome withdrawal symptoms, too.

Detoxifying means that you purge all traces of the substance from your body as soon as possible. This means that you won’t even feel the effects of withdrawal. Because of this, it’s easier for most to overcome their addiction.

This is also important because the effects of withdrawal are often life-threatening, too. Things like seizures and hallucinations can cause harm to recovering users. This is also the reason why most have a relapse and go back to abusing substances.

Detoxification is often used with other treatments. It’s a good way to supplement any option to increase the chances of success.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also referred to as CBT, this is a flexible treatment option since it can help overcome different kinds of addictions. This is because CBT helps you recognize your unhealthy behaviors so you can change them.

This treatment allows you to identify the patterns that you do if you’re in a bad spot in the recovery process. With this in mind, you can then do what you can to cope. It’s a great way for you to avoid risky situations where you’re likely to experience a relapse.

What’s great is that you can pair this with other forms of treatment, too. Once you determine that you’re about to be in a risky situation, you can do whatever you can to occupy yourself. Simple things like reading a book, playing video games, or doing yoga help with overcoming addiction

Medication-Based Treatment

You can also go for medication therapy to help you overcome your addiction. This form of treatment limits the effects of the substance on your body. This way, even if you experience a small relapse, you won’t feel any of the effects of the drug you’re addicted to.

Instead, the medication you’re taking will seal off any of the rewarding effects you often feel when taking the substance. This means that you will only feel its negative effects.

It’s a good way for you to associate the substance with bad experiences. This will reduce the cravings you experience, and even help you get over your dependence along the line.

Contingency Management

This is a form of positive reinforcement that you can use as a way to treat your addiction. It’s a great way to get over your addiction to any drug like opioids or stimulants. You’ll get rewards for avoiding substances and doing favorable acts like occupying your time.

This method works because people feel good about what they’re doing. It’s a great way to avoid having dependents drop out of their treatment. It also helps against lapsing behaviors as it gives people something to look forward to in their next milestone.


Rehabilitation involves having you surrounded by people that can help you through the process. This is a more long-term treatment that’s often done in a safe space. This is to help you overcome addiction through counseling and detoxification.

There are two different types of rehabilitation for you to choose from. The first type is outpatient rehabilitation where the patient stays at home and only goes out when going to treatment. This is a good choice for those who feel safer at home.

The only problem with this is that it has a lower success rate. This is because patients are then left to their own devices as they head home. If you want a higher success rate, try inpatient rehab.

This has you staying in a facility. This is more effective as you have more support all around you 24/7. The only problem is that it will cost you more since you’ll live in their facility for a long time.

12-Step Facilitation

This treatment is a good choice for you if you are looking for people to support you. These programs are often done in groups of people who are going through the same thing.

These people help you by recognizing your struggles and giving you solid advice. It all starts with accepting that you have a problem. The group then leads you through a journey that helps you recognize that you don’t need these substances.

This is the best treatment as you will be able to see how substance abuse ruined the lives of others, too. It’s a good way for you to know what happens if you continue down the road you’re on.

Matrix Model

This is a more hands-on type of treatment. It involves a lot of help from professionals, your friends and family, and group therapies. The goal of the treatment is to help you believe that you can get over your addiction.

This often includes studying the negative impacts of the substance. It’s also the most popular form of treatment nowadays. This is because people can have a watchful eye over the user, and can also watch them improve themselves through time.

Overcome Your Dependence With Drug Addiction Treatment Today

These options for drug addiction treatment will help you through the process. Choose the option that you think will be most effective and start recovering today!

Are you looking for a safe space to help you through the recovery process? Book an appointment now and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can! We will help you improve your health and get back on the right track.

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