Celebrating the life of Harrison Ratledge

Harrison’s light shone so brightly on those who were lucky enough to meet him. He was charismatic, kind, smart, funny, empathetic, and loving. He was the kind of person when you walked into a room, would smile and make you feel instantly welcome. When having one conversation with Harrison, you could immediately notice how genuine and kindhearted he was. It was obvious how much he cared about others. 

Harrison would drop whatever task he was busy for those he loved, giving you his full attention. Listening to him talk about the people in his life, it was clear that he knew many people had his back and would show up for him in the same steadfast way he showed up in return. 

Harrison wasn’t someone who skimmed the surface of life— he dove deep, and loved fiercely. When he was interested in something, he would learn everything about that subject, backward and forwards. He loved building things, writing, kayaking, hiking, history, and reading to name a few. He liked to read detective and historical novels and had a special passion for military history. Harrison’s most recent passion was weightlifting, and, as usual, he gave it his all. Weightlifting was his outlet, and he deserved the confidence and pride it gave him. 

It would be easy to go on and on about the bright light that is Harrison— a beautiful soul whose legacy is one steeped in love. Just as Harrison loved others, Harrison’s friends, family, and the Oasis community loved and cherished him beyond words, and always will. 

It was an honor to know Harrison, to witness his light, and get to share some laughs with him. And now it is an honor to celebrate the radiance of his life. To celebrate how much one person can impact so many others just by being who they are. And, ultimately, to celebrate the eternal nature of love: how it often changes forms but never does it end. 


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