Becoming Whole Again: How a holistic treatment approach strengthens recovery

What does it mean to reap the benefits of a holistic treatment program? The term “Holistic” has
become somewhat of a buzz word online, as well as in the health and healing arenas of life.
For some, it may bring up thoughts of basking in relaxing healing practices. For others, it might
bring up more skepticism, especially for those who have relied heavily on mainstream western
medicine, and on the practice of isolating mental illness as a malady of the mind.
We now know, through scientific research, studies with controlled groups, and much
experience in the field of mental health and addiction recovery, that us humans are more
complex and interconnected than just isolated body and brain parts that require isolated

We now know that the whole addicted person is an integrated collection of genetic
predisposition, brain chemistry, emotional trauma, and much more.
We know that addressing as wide a variety of factors as possible in a treatment facility, such as
physical healing modalities and diverse therapeutic options will increase an individual’s
momentum in the direction of long term successful recovery.Also, there has been evidence that increased satisfaction in general, within a treatment environment contributes to treatment retention and completion.

Part of this may be due to the upliftment and brain-rewiring that occurs in being exposed to
new experiences (see our blog on the effectiveness of new experiences in treatment here)
So what exactly is involved in Holistic Treatment? Here’s a snapshot, to give you an overview:

So, if all this sounds promising to you- and you’d like to build a new life, free from addiction, within a supportive holistic treatment environment, click here. If your loved one is in need of a supportive treatment environment with holistic options, click here. 

If you would like to hear first-hand from someone who has experienced the benefit of holistic treatment methods, and who is a testament to the healing and wholeness available to all addicts and alcoholics who reach for support and healing, click here

We honor your exploration into the world of recovery options and offer support and encouragement on your path towards freedom and recovery.

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