Aftercare Treatment Plan For Substance Abuse Treatment Teens

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January 24, 2021
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Aftercare—which is a form of ongoing recovery support once treatment is complete—is an incredibly important facet of treatment that is sometimes overlooked. 

Why is aftercare important?

After spending up to several months in an intensive treatment program, surrounded by a supportive recovery community and caring staff, it can be a big adjustment to return to everyday activities and responsibilities. 

Continuing to live clean and sober in a world where drugs and alcohol and stress abound may feel overwhelming and isolating if an individual doesn’t take steps to stay connected to a sober community. 

Aftercare eases this transition out of treatment, and offers ongoing therapeutic support and community to individuals once they have graduated from our programs. 

What is aftercare like at Oasis? 

At Oasis, our aftercare group meets one evening each week, for several hours, and is facilitated by clinical staff. 

Aftercare is a great opportunity for individuals to continue to connect and deepen relationships with others in recovery, and to be able to check in and find support for issues that come up as they continue to solidify their sobriety in everyday life.