signs you have a drinking problem

9 Warning Signs You Have a Drinking Problem

Sick and tired of searching for signs you have a drinking problem?

If that’s the case, you are not alone. Surprisingly enough, almost 6% of adults in America have the same problem. Although it may not sound like much, that adds up to just under 15 million people.

Are you looking for the early signs of alcoholism?

When it comes to the signs of a drinking problem, it is important to understand whether or not you have a problem with alcohol first. Read more for nine signs you have an alcohol problem now!

1. Your Whole Life Is Centered Around Drinking

One of the biggest signs of drinking occurs when your whole life is centered around getting your hands on alcohol. That means that you might restrict yourself from attending events that aren’t held at a bar, winery, or brewery. Another example is dropping friends who don’t like drinking.

2. You Drink to Relax All the Time

Do you drink to relax all the time – whether you are happy or sad?

If so, this could be a big sign of alcoholism as well. No matter if you are feeling depressed or celebrating a win, you seem to always have a drink in your hand.

What does this point to?

Using alcohol as a way to cope with your emotions, including good and bad ones. Be wary when alcohol becomes a crutch!

3. You Don’t Appear to Be Drunk

When you party with friends, it may not seem like you’re drunk at all. Thanks to your high tolerance, your body won’t show any outward signs that you are under the influence. This means it may take more liquor than usual to get the job done, as your tolerance raises, leading to extremely dangerous and unhealthy amounts of alcohol consumption.

4. Your Mood Shifts When You Drink

Does your mood shift dramatically when you drink?

If that is true, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a high tolerance for alcohol. It simply means that your personality or mood will change for the worse. This includes going from sweet and kind to abusive and mean after a few drinks.

In addition to this, going from quiet and shy to aggressive and loud is a sign you rely on alcohol to be social too. For those who only express emotion when they are drunk, watch out!

5. You Get Irritated When You’re Sober

Warning: If you get irritated when you’re sober, it is important to examine your relationship with alcohol. Sure, you are fine when you have your favorite drink in tow, but once you run out, you’re likely to have quite the mood shift if you can’t access anymore.

You might even become upset without being provoked, and friends and family may not understand how to interact with you.

6. You Drink When You Didn’t Plan To

Okay, so you didn’t plan to drink today. But when your friends invited you to the event, there’s free-flowing alcohol everywhere. What do you do?

For true alcoholics, you may end up changing your mind at the drop of a dime. Generally, it won’t just be one drink, either. It is common for alcoholics to continue drinking until something or someone intervenes, such as running out of alcohol, the bar closing, or passing out.

7. You’ll Drink Any Kind of Alcohol

When you know your limits, you know when to say no when your favorite drink is unavailable at the party. However, real alcoholics will drink whatever is on tap, even if it’s the lowest quality alcohol on the market.

Although you may prefer “finer spirits,” you could end the night chugging a cheap beer before you know it. While the brands and types might change, the constant drinking will never stop.

8. Your Drinking Is Causing Life Problems

So you’ve recently lost your job or missed work thanks to your drinking habit. Or maybe you’ve gotten into trouble with cops while on a drinking bender.

While some embarrass themselves during a blackout, others will find drinking has impacted their lives too. But these types of drinkers can quit if their mind is set on it. News flash: a true alcoholic will continue drinking no matter what comes their way.

9. You Always Have Alcohol on Deck

Do you always have alcohol on deck? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Although you might not have enough cash to take your partner out on the town, you always have enough money to refill your beverage mini fridge at home.

Even though you skip out on the necessary expenses or forget about bills, getting alcohol is your number one priority.

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Searching for Signs You Have a Drinking Problem?

Are you searching for the many signs you have a drinking problem?

When it comes to the signs of becoming an alcoholic, we’ve got you covered. From revolving life around alcohol to constant drinking, it’s not hard to tell when drinking has become a significant problem in your life.

The only issue will be what to do about it once you make the realization that you need help. Yes, you read that right.

Luckily for you, there are holistic treatment centers based around meeting your needs day in and day out.

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