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7 Easy Ways to Identify the Best Drug Rehab Centers in North Carolina

One of the most vital factors for treating a substance use disorder is finding the right drug rehab centers. If you’re looking for a treatment center in North Carolina for yourself or a loved one, you need to find one that closely matches the individual’s needs.

Finding and identifying the best drug rehab centers in North Carolina may sound like a daunting task, though it doesn’t have to be. With our seven easy ways, you can use to help you find the right one.

Keep reading to learn how you can find the best center for yourself or your loved one today.

1. Get an Assessment by a Substance Use Disorder Professional or Physician

The first and most crucial step when looking for drug rehab centers is getting an assessment by a licensed professional.

You can get an evaluation from a physician or other substance use disorder professional (like an experienced psychiatrist) certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. You can also get an evaluation from a licensed clinical social worker. It’s best to explore all options before making any big decisions, which is why the assessment is vital.

A physician or psychiatrist trained in treating addiction typically recommends inpatient treatment when the patient struggles to stabilize in their recovery and isn’t able to perform the activities of daily living. These daily activities include going to work, taking care of one’s self, or fulfilling family obligations.

If a patient needs help managing difficult withdrawal symptoms, inpatient treatment can aid in overcoming those difficulties.

Inpatient treatment may be needed if the patient has already gone through intensive outpatient treatment, individual therapy, or 12 step meetings and has been unable to get sober.

2. Research Whether the Facilities You’re Considering Provide the Resources You Need

Substance use disorders often go hand in hand with other clinical conditions. Depression and anxiety are a couple of examples. 

When researching drug rehab centers in North Carolina, be sure to thoroughly check their websites. Take a look at their provided resources; counselors, for example, who are experienced with dual-diagnosis cases.

When going through the rehab facilities in North Carolina, call and ask them about the resources and facilities they have listed on the website. Sometimes, treatment centers list services they don’t have, so it’s best to call and ask.

It’s also a good idea to ask about their philosophy and approach to overcoming addiction.

3. Check Whether the Treatment Center Uses Medication

Some drug rehab centers practice the abstinence model when treating opioid addiction. Others are okay with offering medication.

If you or your loved one want the option of taking prescription medication during treatment for opioid addiction, it’s best to find out if the treatment center allows for that ahead of time. 

Keep in mind that while some drug rehab centers offer detoxification services, there are some that don’t.

Detoxification helps patients medically as their bloodstream becomes free of toxic substances. This is often shortly done after the patient has been drinking, or using drugs or drinking.

4. Don’t Equate Luxury With Quality

Inpatient drug rehab centers typically range from a few thousand dollars per month to over tens of thousands of dollars monthly. The pricier centers usually include luxurious facilities with private rooms, onsite spas, pools, and are often located in exclusive neighborhoods. You’ll often see these high-end drug rehab centers located by the ocean or secluded in the mountains. 

Opulence doesn’t always equal quality. In fact, a couple of rehab facilities were reported having a lack of basic counseling, poor staff supervision, as well as understaffing.

5. Look for a Facility With Longevity

It’s best to cross off any drug rehab centers in North Carolina that haven’t been in business for at least five years on your list. While some of these centers may be fine, others could be opportunistic.

Because there is a high demand for rehabilitation services, there’s a trend in trying to take advantage of people seeking said services. Unscrupulous drug rehab centers don’t last long. They fail due to unethical or unlawful business practices.

Treatment centers that have been open for a while tend to remain open because they do good and honest work. When looking for a North Carolina rehab facility, choose one with a track record of more than five years.

6. Stay Away From Rehabs That Guarantee Success

Speaking of good and honest work, be sure to stay away from drug rehab centers that guarantee or promise success. Promising success is a flat out lie.

Success depends entirely on the individual, and it’s up to them to decide if they are going to cooperate or follow the treatment plan once they leave the center. 

7. Compare Drug Rehab Centers

Once you have all the relevant information you need on the different North Carolina rehab centers, it is time to compare facilities.

It’s essential you determine what characteristics are most important to you or your loved one. You may not be able to find a treatment center that has everything you’re looking for, so pick the facility that matches the closest. 

Let’s think about a bus stop and your destination. You’re never going to go anywhere if you’re going to stand and wait for the bus that takes you to your exact location. You can choose to hop on the bus that is headed the closest to where you’re headed, or you can wait and wait all night for your perfect bus.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Centers in North Carolina

If you’re looking for a treatment center in North Carolina for yourself or a loved one, it’s essential to find one that closely matches the individual’s needs. We hope our list of seven easy ways to identify the best drug rehab centers in North Carolina gave you some further insight.

Finding and identifying the absolute best drug rehab centers in North Carolina may sound like a daunting task. Though, with our seven easy tips, it shouldn’t be.

If you are looking for a treatment center in Asheville, NC, for yourself or a loved one, contact us today at Oasis Recovery, where we treat addiction through mind, body, and spirit to facilitate a deeply transformative process for our clients.

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